Europe's Biggest Vintage Event

14 & 15 april 2018 - Jaarbeurs | Utrecht


Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs 100jaar De Stijl - Jaarbeurs | Utrecht
100 years of De Stijl in the Netherlands

In 2017, it is 100 years since the Dutch art movement De Stijl was founded. In order to celebrate this special anniversary, there will be very special exhibition at this year’s VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs. The creative team of Stichting Verzamelkunst, famous for a.o. the Tour d’Artistique, is currently working hard on an exhibition of De Stijl in the style of the VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs! There will be Mondrian designs made with Lego, and you can have your picture taken in outfits in the style of the artist. In addition, there will be three variations of the famous Rietveld chair on show, and a real Mondrian caravan as well!

Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs Dutch Garrison - Jaarbeurs | Utrecht
Eye to eye with Darth Vader

The Dutch Star Wars costume association, the Dutch Garrison, will again be present at the VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs. With their realistic, screen-accurate costumes, it feels as if you’ve walked into a movie. You may stand eye to eye with the Empire’s elite Stormtroopers or the dangerous Sith Lords, the enemies of the Jedi!

The Dutch Garrison is the Dutch branch of the 501st Legion, the worldwide Star Wars costume association with more than 10,000 members, which focuses on the costumes of the ‘bad guys’ from the Star Wars universe. Because of the strict requirements for the quality of the costumes, the 501st Legion is an impressive representation of Star Wars characters. Not only of the Stormtroopers or Darth Vader, but also of the officers, Tusken Raiders or various bounty hunters, such as Boba Fett. The Dutch Garrison was established in 2002 and has more than 120 members (of which about 20% are women, it is not just a boys’ club!), who live all over the Netherlands. In addition to making and wearing costumes, charity work is also very important for the Dutch Garrison. They can be found at special events in support of Stichting Kikker on a regular basis; this foundation raises money to give sick children and their families a fantastic day out. For their presence at other (sometimes commercial) events, they ask for a donation to one of the many other charities they support. It not only is a must for the real Star Wars fans to have their picture taken with these ‘bad guys doing good’, but seeing this impressive global sensation is fun for all the visitors.

Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs - Kiinderwagen expositiie Jaarbeurs | Utrecht
Exhibition of the Doll and Pram Museum

The doll & pram museum is exhibiting at the show for the fifth time now, and is really pushing out the ‘pram’ this time! On Sunday, there will be a parade with doll mamas in beautiful outfit walking matching prams; and you can admire the biggest pram for ‘normal’ in real life.

In total, the museum will be showcasing between ten and fifteen prams and dolls cars in hall 7. At the parade, there will also be volunteers showing their own prams. This year, for the first time, the biggest pram for ‘normal use’ in the Netherlands will be exhibited. This pram was completely restored by the museum and was made by the company Simonis from The Hague around 1910. Its dimensions must have made it impossible to bring it inside through a regular door. Another special piece at the exhibition is the yellow ‘egg’. This is a pram with a plastic basket which looks like an egg. This type of pram was made in France and Italy in the seventies, and they have now become a real cult object.

You can also check out the Alicia Markova pram at the show. This pram is part of the Pedigree Ballerina series from Great Britain, the birthplace of the modern pram. These stately prams were produced in a limited series with four different models, and all named after a ballerina. The stately Marmet Queen will also be on show again. When this pram was delivered in 1960, it cost around €2000.

Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs - Fiat 500 expositie Jaarbeurs | Utrecht
Salivating over a FIAT 1100

In a manner of speaking, electronics still had to be invented. Chips in cars? Unheard of! Who doesn’t know the Italian movies in which the protagonists drive a Fiat 600 along the Italian countryside. It is an image from the sixties and seventies from the last century. It’s pure nostalgia. 

The Dutch Fiat Club will be reviving those days at the VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs. The club will be showing seven oldtimers at the show. The proud owners of these models will be happy to tell you why they fell in love with their car. Why not ask them to pop open the hood to show you what a no-frills real engine looks like? 
Got a technical problem? Ask the members for help. The Club has a huge picture archive, with photographs of almost every model of Fiat. Well, actually every model. Every oldtimer. The photographs will be on show at the event. 

The Dutch Fiat Club is a club of amateur car owners, who are enthusiastic about their cars and who can tell you all about ‘their’ club. Jacques Bielen is one of them: “It’s not about getting the car in top condition. We do it as a hobby and we love the FIAT 1100, 127 or 131, to name but a few. We simply enjoy driving them and showing them to a wide audience. It’s so much fun. We are just proud of our cars. And we want to share that pride at the VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs.”

Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs - Ghostbusters -  Jaarbeurs | Utrecht
A trip down memory lane with The Ghostbusters

Are you being hunted by ghosts? Ask one of the members of the Ghostcorps: Ghostbusters Dutch Division for help. This special cosplay team will be on hand to answer to all kinds of witty questions. 

The VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs has always been a special event for the Ghostbusters Dutch Division. The first public appearance of this ‘Ghostcorps’ took place here. “Not only is it a huge hit among exhibitors and audience alike, and it was very special for us too. The exhibition takes you back to a piece of the past, each with its own fun, separate and special memories. While that one piece of nostalgia is nowhere to be found anymore out in the real world, here, it’s right there for the taking,” says Andre Hidding of the Ghosbusters Dutch Division. 

“From the point of view of the Ghostbusters cosplay, the personal contact with the audience is what we like best. Especially if you are surrounded with beautiful things, which started this fantasy. Our cosplay enables us to give back a piece of that passion to the people, and bring a big smile to their faces. We love having our picture taken with visitors and of course we can tell them everything about our, mostly handmade, costumes. The relaxed atmosphere, the fun people and beautiful stands make that the Ghostbusters Dutch Division loves attending the VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs time and time again,” says Hidding.

Verzamelaarsjaarbeurs -  Starswars Jaarbeurs | Utrecht
Meet and Greet with famous (Star Wars) actors

If you are a Star Wars fan, the VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs is where you need to be. A large number of actors and other creators will be at the show on Saturday for a Meet & Greet. You can meet Mike Edmonds, Simon J. Williamson, Tim Dry, Paul Weston, Andy Herd, Richard Padbury and Sean Crawford. In addition to these famous Star Wars heroes, three Bond girls namely Beatrice Libert, Martine Beswick and Caroline Munro (famous from Dracula AD and Golden Voyage of Sinbad) and actor Guy Siner (lieutenant Hubert Gruber from the British TV series Allo! Allo! ) will also be at the show on Saturday. 

You can also personally get to know John Coppinger, the sculptor who was one of the supervisors for the design and manufacture of the scenery of The Dark Crystal. For this movie he created, a.o. walking trees, moving flowers and a huge swamp. In addition, he worked for movies such as Return to Oz, The Fifth Element and Harry Potter. Read more about the actors »