Europe's Biggest Vintage Event

17 - 18 November 2018 - Jaarbeurs | Utrecht

Costs participating Autumn 208| Spring 2018

If you want to participate there are three possibilities. However, all prices include 21% VAT and two construction passes for the Friday and two badges for the Saturday and Sunday.


  • you take part in the spring and autumn show with the same number of tables or stalls until further notice.
    You register only once, you do not have to send in the form every six months.
  • you choose your own spot and will keep the same place over the years, so that your customers always know where to find you.
  • you are charged a fixed amount per year, for each fair we will automatically send you an invoice for 50% of this amount.

Subscription prices Autumn2018 & Spring 2019:
  • Table (3.00 x 0.70 meters) € 418,-. (€ 209,- per fair)
  • Table by the wall (3.00 x 0.70 m.) € 536,- (€ 268,- per fair)
  • Stall at row front (4.00 x 1.00 m.) € 762,- (€ 381,- per fair)

50% will be invoiced per show


  • you participate in one edition.
  • you choose your own spot with one alternative

Comfort prices:
  • Table (3.00 x 0.70 m.) € 254,-
  • Table by the wall (3.00 x 0.70 m.) € 305,-
  • Stall at row front (4.00 x 1.00 m.) € 427,-


  • you participate at the lowest price.
  • you can only register for tables, for one edition.
  • you can not choose your own spot. You can only specify the section you want to be in, which we will take into account as much as possible.

Budget prices Spring 2017:
  • Table (3.00 x 0.70 m.) € 191,-
  • Stall at row front (4.00 x 1.00 m.) € 354,-

Subscription procedure
Choose a participation option: Subscription, Comfort or Budget. When choosing Subscription or Comfort, please select an available location of your choice.

Send in your signed and fully completed booking form (see Rules & Regulations » ) to:

Att. projectteam VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs
P.O. box 8500
NL-3503 RM Utrecht
An order confirmation will be sent to you two months prior to the event. 

Please pay attention to our General conditions »  

If you want to receive the booking form by post, please click here »

» Download Booking Form (pdf) 
» Download plan of the fair (pdf)
» Download orderform subscription holders only! (pdf) 

Regulations VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs and Jaarbeurs Utrecht

» Download General Conditions VerzamelaarsJaarbeurs (pdf)
» Download regulations Jaarbeurs Utrecht (pdf)

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